How It Works

How to Apply the Products

It is incredibly quick and easy to apply Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer.

  • Brush and style your hair as you normally would
  • Shake the bottle
  • Hold the bottle over your dry hair about six inches above the areas where you want to apply the hair thickener
  • Lightly sprinkle to distribute the natural protein hair fibers over the thinning area. The fibers will cling to your existing hairs, even if they are very small
  • Spray on a few pumps of Dr. Yates Holding Spray to lock your fibers in place

Now you can enjoy your full, natural looking head of hair! Dr. Yates Hair Thickener will not come out until you wash it with shampoo. You can touch up your look until your next shampoo by adding just a few sprinkles more and restyling.

Hair Fiber Thickener is applied by shaking the fibers gently over affected areas, which allows for the product to be distributed evenly.  Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer works for any type of hair and for anyone who has thinning hair.  Anyone can get outstanding results from Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer!

With a few shakes, Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer‘s natural keratin filaments attach themselves to your real hair in order to create a radiant and realistic look. Since it’s available in eight colors, this hair thickener is perfect for any hair color and texture. Even areas that have suffered from significant hair loss can benefit from Dr. Yates Hair Thickener because the protein fibers attach themselves to the smallest hairs, the ones that you might not even see! The fibers can be used to thicken eyebrows and facial hair as well.

Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer is completely natural and remains on the surface of the scalp, so it does not damage hair or scalp and can be easily washed out by shampooing. Since this product attaches directly to the existing hair, it will stay in place all day, even in strong winds and rain or through a tough workout. It is durable, colorfast and undetectable, and for even more reliability, Dr. Yates recommends finishing application with a few pumps of the Holding Spray.