Does Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer affect hair growth?

No. Dr Yates Hair Thickener is applied at the surface level and clings to the existing hairs, so it will not affect hair grown in any way.

Can Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer be used on any kind of hair?

Yes. Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer is perfect for all kinds of hair: curly or straight and any type of ethnicity.

Can Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer be used on any color hair? What if I have highlights? What if I am graying?

Yes. You should sprinkle the main color of your hair on first (i.e. black, brown, blonde) followed by a sprinkling of the secondary color gray, blond etc. The fibers will intertwine and mix perfectly to provide a very natural look. You can also add the product to graying beards or side burns to cover gray!

What is the most cost-effective way to get Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer?

Order the Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer together with the Holding Spray online. This is a two-month supply for most users!

Can I still treat my hair with medical hair loss products if I use Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer?

Yes! It is perfectly safe and can be used with minoxidil (Rogaine), Propecia, and Laser Hair Combs. The protein fibers are a non-toxic, safe cosmetic preparation that does not interfere with any other oral or topical formulations.

How can Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer help me after a hair transplant?

Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer is an excellent choice post-hair transplant as the transplanted hairs are settling in. It can help provide an even look during the adjustment period.

Can I use my regular shampoo, conditioner and styling products with Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer?

Yes. You can shampoo and style as usual. Think of Dr. Yates Thickener as just another part of your daily routine.

How long will one bottle of Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer last?

One usually lasts about two months depending on usage.

Will the product rub off, become dislodged or discolor my clothes or pillow?

If the product drops onto any surface, simply dust them away with a dry hand. As for your clothes and pillow, it shouldn’t rub off but if it does, wash with normal laundry soap.

Does Dr. Yates have any other hair loss products available?

Stay tuned and check our website frequently! Dr. Yates will have other hair loss products available soon!